Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010. End.

It's 31st December 2010.
There goes another year and im approaching twenty!
I had a truly out of the blue New Year eve which i've never expected it to be..
What away to end this year for me.
I do not know how to comment about this year.. lots of new things and unexpected one.

Just...let's hope the coming year would be a better one! :)
Happy 2011 people!

sorry, im bad a winking! ;)
All the best and enjoy to the max!


Tuesday, December 7, 2010

I find doing charity work meaningful and fun

 Pssst! Millions of apology from me for leaving my blog dead for 2 months  :X
I lost the ''OHM" to blog after As exam!
Right, some recaps here bout my exam, i screwed up Maths! Damn!
Im the ever most careless and forgetful person u've ever met!
Accounts and Law were so so , did not manage to finish it on time ;X , i guess Econs is the best among the worst ! At least i completed the whole paper! sigh.
 I shall work triple hard in A2 which is now! haha. 
A2 classes commenced last week, its great to meet my college friends again but im feelling stress already. So many distractions, so much to read, so lil time! 
Anyway, today is Awal Muharam which means holiday!
I've learned to appreciated weekends so much now and don't u think the time during weekends passes by swifter than weekdays.

I had approximately around 2 weeks of holiday after As exam and i fully utitlised every second of it!
Went for two charity work, one with my dance instructors in Puchong and one recommended by Sue in Subang!
Two events have two coincidence points which is I have to shout ,yell and attract people to buy those goods im selling and I won prizes from a radio FM in both event! hahaha :D
I've gotta do a catwalk in the first and popped balloons in the latter!
I used to be afraid of balloons popping but now i find it easy and fun to do! XD
Sales were damn good in both event and I really enjoy it though its REALLY tiring and hot!
Got to know more ppl and ouuuuu! i even got myself a pretty necklace from the carnival and one surprise gift from Jerrick!
catwalk pose! haha
yummy hakka lui cha

cert of appreciation



i "love"" kids

two new friends!

eric came as a 2 hour volunteer!


our booth

gotta wear secret recipe apron

the dj asked me how i feel being the only girl, i answer "sai mat geng" xD

mua and sue!

candid shot


i actually for 1st runner up! ;p
nothing much for now, will update bout the dance competition i took part in Penang in the next update! :)



Saturday, September 11, 2010

Last week before I quarantine myself

 One more month to go before As Exam!
Start praying for me kay? I know im in deep shit already!:X
Aiks, nvm. I've decided to quarantine myself for the month and study!
I just hope for at most a B for Law
Im so regret for not working hard right at the beginning of A-levels.
Pfft, anyway thats somethg to be dealt with after this week.Haha.
For those taking Alevels this October, here the link to the timetable. 
We are in Zone 5! Click!

Since its my last week for outing, ive watched quite a few movies.
Watched Piranha, i shall rate it 3/5. 
Quite a short movie, approximately an hour plus. 
I like the movie though, hilarious in a way! haha

Step up ! Another impressing movie! 
It doesnt matter whether u love to dance,
u will eventually love it by watching them!  

Resident Evil -Afterlife 3D is awesomeee! 
I watched it in 3D & I love the effect!
My second time watching a 3D movie. 
My first experience suck, refer to my last year's post :P
Went for the movie wit Zee Aun and also 
Japanese buffet dinner in Tenji, Mont Kiara
Somewhere near Solaris i guess :X
Love the ambience though, food was fairly good 
& I can actually eat a lot! Much more than a guy :D

And today! Lovely day with my girlssss!
Its been a really really really really longgggg time 
since we went out and shop like today.
The only flaw is that Debbie is not here! Such a waste though!
We took our brunch in Bar-b-Q Plaza, tea in Station Kopitiam and diner in Food & Tea.
It was so tiring walking non stop! I think we've walked every inch of TS !

Fruitful day i shall say at least for me Esther and Anna.
I got a few clothings for myself and a pretty floral dress from Kitschen!
Love it so much :) 

pict 1
pict 2 ! haha
snap 1
We wont left u out Debs!

Seventeen Mag have this competition where u have to snap a photo 
of urself wearing the latest apparels of Kitschen and holding a 17Mag! 
I did snap photo but i've got no mag. 
Just for the fun of it :D
love the dress :)

Nothing much for now. More outing girls!
After my exam :P

usual us
i always love cheng li's candid pict
esther , long lost friend :P
the master of any cam that went to johor!
usual cute lovely Km

ohhh yea! I shall introduced to u a new member of my family.
Scotty! My new Beagle. :)

cute? he love to bite my slipper! pfft!

till here then. Ciaos!


Sunday, August 29, 2010

Battleground is back!

Woots! Battleground,  the street dance competition organised by Astro is back!
I never miss this every year because i get to see lots of creative and 
skillful dancers, and obviously cute guys too . haha ;P
I went to Times Square on Saturday to watch the live audition with Fatin!
Met Jia Huei and Ji Shu, they were there for the event too :)
It was so crowded but luckily we managed to get a strategic 
place right in the middle and infornt of the video cam. xD 
We met two foreigners from UK & we started tattling with them.
We even took pictures!
Foreigners are realllly friendly unlike certain "orang buatan Mal*ys*a". 

love this
me and fatin! xd

I was hoping my all time favourite group, 
Elecoldxhot would join but they did not! aww..
Few of my ex-schoolmates did join and passed the audi!
I missed their dance cause i was too tired of standing and  went to grab a bite.
LOL. There were few really awesome groups though but i forgot their names!
Can't wait for real competition begin. geez.

One of the judge, Marcus

1st group to get in
i like their ears and tails lol
i like this group!!
my fav group for now! haha
look at the 2nd guy frm right. Darn cute pose
another awesome group! Some of the members joined before so they are really experienced! :D

Till here then. adios!
ps. i really gotta stop playing around and start revising! :/


Saturday, August 21, 2010

I should really brush up on my sewing skills

Theres this girl that changes weird outfit into sooo pretty dresses and tops!
She create 365 new outfits for 365 days with 365$.
Im so jealous, how i wish i can sew like her. 
Save lots of money . haha
Take a look at her Blog u will be amazed! :D

One of my fav! lovely!
after! i would buy this dress!

how can u possibly imagine its from that plus plus size pyjamas? lol


Auf wiedersehen Mocks

Auf Wiedersehen means farewell! 
Mocks exam is offcially over!
Im over too! I did only 2 ques when im supoosed to do 3 for Law,
Maths paper was darn tough, Accounts needless to say, 
i dont even know that those thgs asked in the questions actually exist, 
& Econs test just ended few hours ago! 
I was having my "monthly pain", i finished the paper in half an hour and ciao home. 
I cant imagine anythg worse! :/
Im so not ready for As Exam. darnnn... !
Its all my fault for not studying constantly and i still went for 
Aunt Luisa's Bday Party in Neway a day before exam. :D
It was soo fun, it makes me miss dancing and practicing in studio so much.
I shall join the weekdays night class.
Although im really busy, nonetheless have to exercise already to
lose some extra calories. Been fueling myself quite a lot these days :/

Imagine how swiftly the time goes, Debbie had already lefT
Msia for Indon for alsmot 2 weeks already. 
Seems like she is having fun there :D
Few of us sent her off in the LCCT airport . Aww, i was so sad though...
but she will be back in 6 years time & i get free dental service! haha.
Afew pictures here as most of it were posted in FaceBook already. 
mua driving xD


Isnt he cutee? ;P
1st groupiess
2nd groupies
debbie and her loving family
leavinggg.. lol

 I went to MOFEW last week with ZA , ntg much there, 
& the exhibition hall was kind of small.
So packed! I still got myself a top and a dress. Lace fever! xD
Plus,I love to scribble and write on something when
im stress now but not on paper ;D
I drew Eric's hand cause i was to stress of my Accounts.
Im seriously worry about it. :( hmm..
cantik kann haha
arent i artistic? a lil? :D
 Darll went to Hong Kong for competition already. Best of luccckk :)
new cardi, bag and heels :D

Till here then..wink*